Wadi Rum, Jordan complete guide

Wadi Rum is famous for its beautiful desert landscape, stunning sandstone mountains, sandstone canyons, sandstone dunes, and sandstone arches. You get what I mean. It is the so-called The Valley of the Moon.

The most important thing to know about Wadi Rum is that it is inaccessible by car unless you have a 4×4 car. The desert road is very dangerous for small cars. In addition to this, the area is protected and in order to get in you will need to pay the entrance fee (All tourist attraction fee can be already including while purchasing Jordan Pass – See this).

There are many ways to visit Wadi Rum, you can either take a day trip with a tour, which shows you all the major scenic spots close to the entrance, but not the further attractions.

If you are into photography and would like to experience a magical night sleeping in a tent and singing and eating in front of the fire with millions of stars, you can stay overnight with Bedouins. Many Bedouins were born and bred in Wadi Rum, they receive primary education from Wadi Rum Village nearby when they were young. Nowadays, most Bedouins work in the tourism industry, showing people their nomadic lifestyle.

We booked our Bedouin experience via Airbnb.com. We managed to negotiate with the locals for the tour and dinner for JOD 65, it included visiting all the spots, lunch box, dinner (buffet) and sunset tour.

TIP: The tent is very clean, and the blanket is quite warm, we slept very well even though the temperature fell below 10 Celcius at night. The bathroom was clean as well, however, warm water is only available when the sun is out for a while. The sand in December is freezing cold.

What to see?

1. Lawrence’s Spring, besides the amazing history behind this place, the top mountain view is what you come here for. Go behind the camels and cars to climb up the mountain.

TIP: Some rocks are very loose, mind your steps.

2. Khazali Canyon

It is a very small Canyon, during the winter season, the water can rise and block the pathway to go further.

TIP: Pay attention to the ancient painting on rocks when entering the Canyon.

3. Little Bridge

A must-have Instagram picture from this little arch in Wadi Rum

4. Al Ramal Red Sand Dune

As most tours take you to stop by here, you may want to hike up to overlook the desert valley. What impressed me is the colour of the sand.

5. Um Frouth Rock Bridge

The last must-do spot is the Rock Bridge, make sure you came here much earlier than sunset as the light is very strong. The climb is not as hard as it looks, but you should be extra careful not to fall.

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