Where To Stay In Morocco?

I have been to Marrakesh many times, but this time was for blogging purposes. First, let me take you to the magic of riads. Riads are traditional courtyard houses in Morocco, they can be in the form of a hotel or Bed and Breakfast. I have stayed in many riads in Morocco, this time, I will tell you guys my favorite ones in the country.



There are two extremely famous riads that are quite overpriced. The first one is Riad Yasmine, and the other one is Riad Be. Both of them are owned by foreigners, and are extremely instagrammable. But in this post, I will talk about riads that are less well-known.


1. Riad Dar Saba

This riad might not be the most beautiful in terms of rooms, but the courtyard is small and cute. It is not far from all the northern major attractions, and the price was fair (35 euros including city tax, updated in January 2020). The exact location is here.


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2. Riad Ali Baba

We loved this beautiful instagrammable hotel in Marrakesh. Probably one of the most pleasant hotels we stayed during our Moroccan trip. The pictures say it all.

Tip: There are two Ali Baba Riads in Marrakesh. Unfortunately, we arrived in the second one and were told to find the other one. On our way, we were lead by a friendly little boy. He was very friendly and we talked a lot. However, when we arrived in the riad, his attitude changed dramatically, he was extremely rude, and even tried to threaten us that he will find his older brother to beat us up. So to avoid any situations like this, I would strongly suggest not to take any help from the locals. The Riad Ali Baba is here.


1. Melliber Appart Hotel

We stayed here purely for the view of the mosque. We loved our room, it is definitely a typical 4-star hotel with basic kitchen facilities. The Internet was fast, probably the fastest during our entire trip. The famous Hussain II Mosque is just a 100m walk. The location is here.



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