Top 10 places to visit in Porto

Porto is the second largest city in Portugal. It is one of the oldest cities in Europe and has many UNESCO sites and beautiful tourist attractions. We spent 4 days in Porto and we feel that it was not even enough to see everything we wanted.


Here I will list my favourite places to see in Porto.


1. Mirador de Oporto

The best place to see the beautiful sunset of Porto. This is a beautiful location, overlooking Ponte Luís I.

How to get here?

Walk past Vincci Ponte de Ferro when you get off the tram, you should be able to follow an unpaved road towards Mirador de Oporto. In fact, you don’t need to walk that far to Mirador de Oporto, you will be able to see the view much earlier. You can see on google map, there is something called “kittie rock point”. I don’t think anyone can go past this point and it is quite dangerous to climb on this rock. We stayed just below the rock, and the view was just as spectacular as it was on the rock. It takes 2 minutes walking to reach the view from Vincci Ponte de Ferro Hotel.


2. Sao Bento Train station

Probably the most beautiful train station ever? The train station gives you the vibe of being in a museum rather than in a busy central station. It was opened in 1916. This is one of the prettiest railway stations in the world with over 20000 handpainted Azulejo tiles designed by the artist – Jorge Colaço.

3. Escadas da sé and Porto Cathedral

Another beautiful place to see the sunset next to Porto Cathedral is Escadas de se.

If you are on a budget and prepared to pay for one single attraction in town, definitely Porto Cathedral. The reason is the courtyard and the blue tile walls.

  • Summer/summer (Apr./Oct. – Apr./Oct.): 09:00/18:  30
  • Winter/Winter (Nov./Mar. – Nov./Mar.): 09:00/17:  30
  • Closing day/Closing day: Christmas and Easter/Christmas and Easter

The entrance fee is 3 EUR and plan around 45 minutes for a trip.


4. Miradouro da Rua das Aldas

Literally, next to Porto Cathedral, a pleasant walk downhill, you will see this lovely viewpoint.

5. A random insanely instafamous square

I have seen this square many times on Instagram before, I was not able to locate the place at first, but after wandering around the city so many times, we unexpectedly came across this spot. Next to Largo da Pena Ventosa 22.

6. Parque das Virtudes

Looking for a romantic sunset spot in Porto? Yep, Parque das Virtudes is the one. One of the most popular spots in Porto to catch the sunset. Great view, bring a blanket to sit out on, and grab a few to-go beers from one of the nearby restaurants/bars just across the street!

7. Miradouro do Passeio das Fontainhas

My last sunset spot is here, we got some really spectacular pictures, and the place is very quiet with no tourists around. The viewpoint is literally next to a large parking lot.

8. Chapel of Soul

Chapel of Soul is located next to the bustling shopping street of Santa Catarina.

9. Igreja do Carmo

This is another blue tile church in Porto, which blew our minds. It is very well known for its stunning facade.


The church was built in the 18th century, and in 1930s, blue and white tiles are embedded in the facade. Even though they are not very old, I still think it adds a lot of character to the church and made it stand out!

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