An ultimate guide of Petra, Jordan

It was a childhood dream to see Petra because it is an iconic place from Indiana Jones. Finally, we made it to Petra and discovered one of the seven wonders of the world. “Ruin is a giftRuin is the road to transformation” a quote by Elizabeth Gilbert from the traveler’s book “Eat Pray Love”. Petra is the most no doubt one of the most beautiful ruins I have ever seen in my life.

How to visit Petra?

It might be confusing for many first-time visitors as Petra is a huge complex, not a single building. It has the name of the rose city because of its natural red colour. You can’t just walk through Petra while visiting the place, the whole city is situated inside a valley only accessible from a narrow road called the Siq trail. The word Wadi in Arabic means valley and Wadi Musa is the valley where Petra is built.


First, you will start your day at the Petra Visitor Center.

Next, you will reach Siq after 5 – 10 minutes walk

Walking inside Petra is extremely exhausting as you will need to walk the hills and mountains, climb the stairs and rocks. Most older visitors only reach the Treasury via Siq, which usually takes around 15-20 minutes to accomplish. Luckily, for more adventurous visitors, Petra definitely does not end in the Treasury. The beautiful story of Petra hides behind it.

The first thing you will see when walk behind the Treasury is the Tomb of ‘Unayshu

On the opposite side is the famous Nabatean theatre where in the ancient time people used to come here and enjoy their shows and other entertainments.

Next, follow the Al-Khubtha Trail to reach Royal Tombs

From here, you can overlook the intersection of all the roads and branches to different parts of Petra. Royal Tomb is the only tomb that you are allowed to enter, the red coloured ceilling changes its colour to purple when sun shines in. 

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Han’s top tip from Petra: Most people would get down and walk to a different direction to explore other areas. But it might actually be a mistake. There is a hidden trail just behind the Royal Tombs up north from where is shown on the map. The one-hour each way mountain trail is one of the most exhuasting trails we have done during our trip, but it was worth it. You will finally reach the top of the mountain where you can overlook the beautiful Treasury from the top, it is called the Treasury Viewpoint.

The journey mentioned above takes 4 -5 hours to accomplish. So I wouldn’t recommend doing anything more if you feel exhausted already.


Your day starts again at the Petra Visitor Center.

After following the path via Siq you will arrive at The Treasury again. When facing the Treasury, climb the mountain track just on your right hand (it’s a very vaguely visible path, which leads you all the way to the closer viewpoint of The Treasury).

Next, walk towards the Temple of Dushares and the Great Temple next to it, spent a bit of time on the opposite side in the Winged Lion Temple.

Following is 45 minutes to 1-hour mountain trekking to the second famous place in Petra – Monastery

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Take your time to walk to the view point of Monastery 

After wandering around the Monastery, take your time to climb down the mountain again (45 minutes to 1 hour).

Finally, end your day at the Renaissance Tomb. The Renaissance Tomb is the last tomb within the High Place of Sacrifice Trail. Within the tomb, you will find 14 graves. Don’t miss the chance to take a picture of the beautiful sandstone colours inside the tomb. The trekking should take you 45 minutes each way. If time allows, walk further to see the Lion Fountain.

There are two restaurants inside Petra, but I would not recommend if you really want to have time to explore within the two-day’s ticket. Restaurant The Basin, is also where the toilet is. The toilet is free of charge. The second restaurant is just opposite of Monastery, it is called As Deir.

There are many stray animals inside Petra, they are very kind and all they want is food.

There are horses to hire to walk through Siq or donkeys to Monastery. However, I personally would not recommend as the animals are working very hard and are not treated well.

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