Jordan – A Complete guide for travelers

The idea of going to Jordan was since childhood when once I watched a documentary movie about Petra. A few years later, the place was discovered by Indiana Jones. It was said that before 1989, Petra was unknown to the world, now it is definitely a very crowded place with tourists.

In this post, I will talk about visa requirements, daily budgets and how many days to spend to see the country.

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Visa and Jordan Pass

If you are visiting for more than 3 days and planning to visit Petra, the best solution is to purchase Jordan Pass, which includes your visa. You can visit the official webiste

You are eligible to enter every main tourist attractions in Jordan with your Jordan Pass. A single visa will cost you JOD40 for most nationalities, the website for visa-free eligibility is here.

Jordan Pass cost is (December 2019) 70, 75 and 80 JOD for 1, 2 or 3 days in Petra respectively including Entry visa. (Petra entrance fee is typically 50-90 JOD and Visa is typically 50-60 JOD). You will receive your Jordan Pass instantly in your email and Jordan Pass can be used immediately.

Tip: Jordan Pass can be only used if you are visiting Jordan for at least 3 nights. If you cross the border from Israel just to see Petra for a day, you can’t apply Jordan Pass.

Getting There

There is a departure fee of JOD10, which is imposed at all land borders and seaports. If arriving by air, the fee is JOD30, however, it is usually included in your flight tickets.

There are many flights from most countries to Amman, the capital. In Europe, low-cost airlines, such as Ryanair offers flights to Amman as well as Aqaba in the south.

How much we paid to get there? Is winter cold in Jordan

We managed to find flight 6 months before for December for 100 EUR from Bologna to Amman by Ryanair. December in Jordan isn’t cold, but you do need to wear a jacket all the time. The temperature was around 13-16°C during the day, sunny days with no rain.

How much was our daily budget?

We traveled in two, the maximum budget with food, accommodation and car rental cost 500 EUR each for a 10 days trip. So our daily budget was 50 EUR each. With this price, we stayed in apartments via Airbnb, apartments from and a one-night five-star hotel near the dead sea and one night in a tent on the desert in Wadi Rum.

Tip: Get $45 off your first Airbnb booking!

How many days in Jordan?

From my experience, 10 days we managed to cover almost every UNESCO listed sites. Here is a break-down of our travel days in Jordan

1st day – Amman

2nd day – Azraq Castle and Quseir ‘Amra (two UNESCO sites), spent the night in Madaba

3rd day – Umm ar-Rasas (UNESCO site), arrived at Petra in the afternoon, spent the night in Petra

4th day – Petra

5th day – Petra, arrived at Aqaba in the afternoon, spent the night in Aqaba

6th day – Aqaba

7th day – Wadi Rum

8th day – Wadi Rum, arrived in Kerak (UNESCO city) in the afternoon, spent the night in Kerak

9th day – Dead Sea

10th day – Jerash, spent the night in Jerash

11th day – visiting Jerash, evening flight from Amman

Car rental

We did a lot of research before choosing our car rental company. We rented our car from Monte Carlo Car Rental Company. The condition of the car was great. We had the full flexibility of going anywhere and stopping anywhere we wanted. The plus for renting from them is you can leave your debit card instead of a credit card (since none of us had a credit card). The price was very reasonable.

Where to stay and what to eat in Amman? – My top choices and recommendations

Petra’s complete guide

This post will be updated with more useful information regarding accommodation, and restaurant recommendations. Coming soon posts of all instaspots with precise location and guide around Petra and Wadi Rum.

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