Sleep and Eat in Amman, Jordan

Whether is staying in a five-star hotel near the Dead Sea or a thousand-star camping site in the middle of the desert in Wadi Rum, Jordan is definitely a destination for every kind of traveler. In this post, I will list my favorite restaurants, hotels in the capital of Jordan. Most of the mentioned are the ones we tried while we were there.


Where to stay?

Honestly, Amman is the trickiest one since there are just so many hotels and apartments to choose from. The House Boutique Suites is my top one, it is close to the city and the rooms are clean and has one of the highest standards of rooms. Nomads Hotel with more than 1,600 reviews on, you can really understand the Hotel is one of the bests, it offers private rooms as well as a dorm for solo travelers, who would like to meet and interact with other travelers. Layaali Amman Hotel has an amazing balcony overlooking Roman Theatre and the citadel, a walking distance to the main attractions will save you tones of time.

What to eat?

Hashem Restaurant Down Town

Omg, it was one of the best hummus and falafels I had in my life! It is extremely busy and popular among locals.


It is a culture in Jordan that meals are shared between family members and friends, that is why the portion of each dish is so enormous. It’s good to share with someone so you may try more different dishes. Meat prepared there is just lush. This is a place for people who seek real local experience and the price is relatively good for the quality.

Habibah Sweets

Fancy something sweet? Or just to have a fresh fruit juice? It is a local dessert store that offers every type of Arabic specialties. It is a must when visiting Jordan. It is reviewed as “Exceptionally large portions for very cheap prices.” Many people think the cheese, sweetness, and pistachios are a fantastic combination.

A general guide to Jordan – This is a general guide before you arrive in Jordan

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